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VargaStem Capsules

 VargaStem (earlier version: Vargastem-Z) is a special and manifold mixture of flavones and medicinal mushroom extracts. Each capsule contains 510 mg active agent extracts - 90 pcs/bottle.
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One of the central elements of the special medicinal mushroom extracts with stem cell increasing effects is that they facilitate the formation of stem cells which protect and maintain healthy immune system functioning while regenerating the injured tissues.


Special medicinal mushroom extracts are especially effective in significantly increasing the amount of bone marrow and umbilical cord stem cells, while stimulating the immune system to demolish cancer cells. The stem cell boosting effect of special medicinal mushroom extracts is also present in the central nervous system, composing substances (NGF) which facilitate the regeneration of damaged brain cells and the survival of those newly formed, for example in the cases of the elderly, stress, depression, Alzheimer's disease, and schizophrenia.


Thus, it is by no accident that folk medicine has been using such extracts for thousands of years against diseases and injuries of the central nervous system. Such stem-cell boosting medicinal mushroom extracts are extremely effective because they are able to not only boost stem cells, but also because they are capable of restoring stem cell functioning, as well as increasing insulin sensitivity, reducing LDL cholesterol levels, regulating blood pressure, and reducing arteriosclerosis.


Apigenin, one of the main ingredients within this supplement, is capable of reducing the amount of carcinogenic substances emitted by stem cells as well as their carcinogenic and metastases effect, thus helping the immune system to recognize and attack the cancer cells. Therefore, apigenin may facilitate through the immune system the anti-cancer effect of polysaccharide-based preparations.


...more on "Stem Cell Therapy".

Health supplements do not substitute a healthy, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle and/or professional medical treatment. Do not consume more than the recommended daily intake!

  • Cordyceps species extract (150 mg)
  • Grifola frondosa extract (50 mg)
  • Hericium erinaceus extract (50 mg)
  • Agaricus blazei Murill extract (50 mg)
  • Ganoderma lucidum extract (30 mg)
  • Cranberry extract (30 mg)
  • Blueberry extract (30 mg)
  • Blackberry extract (30 mg)
  • Broccoli extract (30 mg)
  • Chamomile extract (10 mg)
  • Epigallocatechin gallate (10 mg)
  • Peanut shell extract (10 mg)
  • Capsule composition: gelatin (100 mg)
  • Week one: 1 capsule daily.
  • Week 2: Dose may be increased to 2x1 capsule daily.
  • Week 3: Dose may be increased to 3x1 capsule daily.
  • Maximum intake should not exceed 3x2 capsules per day.
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