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Scientific Literature

Varga Stem >> Intelligent Means for Stem Cell Therapy
Focus of interest has been placed on methods by which the volume of the stem cells circulating within the body can be increased with the aim of regenerating the damaged tissues of the accrued stem cells, however, the means by which the stem cells are increased makes a difference.
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an Introduction to Medicinal Mushrooms and Flavonoid Extracts
Recently, a number of excellent products have been marketed with the aim of helping those suffering from cancer and even for cancer prevention. Read this short introduction to the possible therapeutic and preventive effects of medicinal mushroom and flavonoid extracts by Gabor Varga.
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Natural Medicinal Mushrooms in Therapy and Prevention
By Clinical studies in Japan, the anti-tumor effect of the active ingredients in medicinal mushrooms can be further increased when combined with chemotherapy. Experience also shown that medicinal mushroom extracts may reduce the harmful side effects of chemo and radiation therapy.
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Dr Ivan Jakopovich on Medicinal Mushrooms
Dr Ivan Jakopovich, director of 'Dr Myko San - Health from Mushrooms', presents in Croatian National TV program 'Dan za danom' the research and usage of medicinal mushroom products in treating cancer, hepatitis and HIV, cardiovascular diseases and neurodegenerative diseases.
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