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FATAL DIETS: Loose weight without the side effects

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Fatal Diets PictureBeing overweight can shorten human life by up to 7 years, therefore, the primary goal may seem to be weight loss. However, researchers point out that weight loss often actually increases mortality rates. In animal studies, the classic diet low in carbohydrates and rich in protein has been shown to induce atherosclerosis and has reduced the quantity and quality of blood vessel correcting stem cells. The diet caused inflammation and increased the risk of heart disease. This experiment showed that maintenance of the stems cells circulating within the body may be the optimal solution to health disasters caused by obesity.

Next to this, prevention of further weight gain, besides maintenance of normal body weight and a balanced diet, may often be more appropriate. If the circulating stem cells (EPCs) are intact and are present in sufficient quantities, they work to correct any damage in the blood vessel walls. However, problems arise when the risk factors causing heart and circulatory diseases (such as smoking, high blood sugar, obesity, high blood pressure, LDL cholesterol, etc) destroys the functioning capability of the stem cells responsible for regeneration.

Therefore, it is little wonder that being overweight and damaged stem cells oftentimes results in numerous epidemic diseases: ie. rheumatism, migraine, Alzheimer's disease, chronic sleep disorders, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, depression, arthritis, cognitive impairment, renal failure, etc.. The problems are only aggravated by the fact that damaged stem cells, instead of helping to heal, may actually turn against the body, thus becoming an enemy rather than an ally.

When damaged cells are incorporated into blood vessel walls, they may cause inflammation and have also been associated with blindness caused by diabetes. Gabor Varga, a researcher well known in Germany for his successful brain neurotropic stem cell therapy, utilized these research results in developing a second generation, high quality and natural way to support weight loss. These manifold active agents not only facilitate visceral fat reduction, but also enhance stem cell activity which may help to reduce cardiovascular risk factors ( ie. high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels). The applicable active ingredients include apigenin, well-known for it’s anti-cancer effects, which not only enhances the activity of the brain stem, but also has anti-inflammatory properties. Waist size indicated the amounts of visceral fat, and it’s reduction may have more significant effects than simple weight loss.

Nevertheless, it must not be forgotten that one of the most important forms of stem cell therapy is physical activity, which not only increases the number of stem cells and improves their quality, but for these very reasons may help to prevent cardiovascular diseases and several types of cancer even without significant weight loss.

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