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Green Tea Extracts

Green tea (Epigallocatechin gallate) effect in a healthy lifestyle and prevention

High quality research has found that consumption of high doses of artificial antioxidants (i.e. Beta carotene, vitamin E, etc) may shorten one’s life and increase mortality rates, expecially in the case of smokers and patients suffering from cancer. It is for this reason that natural antioxidants, used for thousands of years by folk medicine, may present an escape from health problems caused by general consumption of artificial antioxidants.

Italian researchers have found that consumption of high doses of green tea catechin may help to prevent prostate cancer in those at high risk. Green tea extract may also help in preventing or slowing down the degenerative diseases affecting the brain.

Epigallocatechin gallate is green tea’s most valuable polyphenol. A demographic survey in Japan (in which more than 40,000 people were involved) has found that regular consumption of green tea’s active substances may reduce mortality rates in general. It particularly significantly reduced mortality rates resulting from cardiovascular diseases.

epigallO-C Capsules
EpigallO-C capsules are a special combination of acerola and green tea extract, also containing minerals, natural vitamin C, and Epigallocatechin gallate. This supplement has a positive effect on health preservation, and may also improve the absorption of the active substances within polysaccharides. A dietary supplement containing natural antioxidants!
US $9.490.07kg
Gasthoanax (gastroanaX) Capsules
These days a significant portion of the population suffers from some form of stomach or intestinal problem. Complaints of Colitis ulcerosa and Morbus Crohn disease, as well as gastric ulcer, gastric inflammation, gastric acid, and reflux are common. Gasthoanax, a dietary supplement containing special polysaccharides, may support the healthy functioning of the digestive system.
US $18.360.07kg
ImonaX-GAN is also a member of the "preventional product family". This dietary supplement contains polysaccharides and helps to naturally strengthen the immune system and may assist in the healthy functioning of the heart and circulatory system. Its active ingredients may also help with labile blood pressure, allergic asthma, and insomnia. Contains 60 capsules/bottle.
US $14.800.07kg
Imonax-TEO, a member of the “Imonax preventional product family”, is a mixture of medicinal mushroom, green tea (EPCG), and acerola extract and contains polysaccharides. Grifola mushroom extract supplements are recommended to help in the prevention of osteoporosis, and in reducing high blood sugar levels. Contains 60 capsules/bottle.
US $14.800.07kg
Metanax (VargaDiet) Capsules
Metanax, a new method for improving the effectiveness of weight loss diets while reducing the harmful side effects, is a dietary supplement which also contributes to the maintenance of a healthy blood sugar levels, carbohydrate balance, and healthy cardiovascular system. Contains 90 capsules/bottle.
US $21.060.08kg
Neonax (neuranaX) Capsules
Neonax (NeuranaX) is a dietary supplement containing naturally binding epigallotechin gallate (EPCG) and polysaccharides. This special mixture of medicinal mushrooms and green tea (EPCG) extract naturally contributes to the protection of brain cells. Contains 60 capsules/bottle.
US $20.040.07kg
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