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Shaggy Mane

Latin: Coprinus comatus - also known as: Shaggy ink cap, Lawyer's wig, Shaggy parasol, Spargelschopf

Shaggy Mane (Coprinus comatus) healing mushroom's effect - as a therapeutic supplement for diabetes:

Diabetes and metabolic syndrome (high triglyceride, cholesterol, blood sugar levels and obesity) is one of the primary problems of public health in Hungary as well. Complications arising from these diseases (heart attack, stroke, neuropathy, kidney failure, etc) significantly increase mortality rates. An unhealthy lifestyle, a diet lacking fruits and vegetables, and lack of exercise contributes greatly to the development of the mentioned diseases. Medicinal mushrooms, however, significanlty contribute to overcoming metabolic syndrome. The Consumption of Corpinus comatus extract in many cases was able to achieve a symptom-free life in childhood type I diabetes mellitus as well.

The water extract of Coprinus comatus was recently identified as containing potent antitumor compounds for breast cancer. Because breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women worldwide, and because there is no effective therapy for estrogen-independent (ER-) breast cancer, these findings are highly significant.*

*source: Medicinal Mushrooms: Coprinus comatus

Dianax (dietanaX) Capsules
The active ingredient within this supplement is the Coprinus comatus medicinal mushroom extract, which naturally aids in the healthy functioning of the body’s metabolism processes. A number of studies have demonstrated that consumption of Coprinus comatus can help regulate blood glucose levels and contains potent anti-tumor compounds against breast cancer. Contains 60 capsules/bottle.
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