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Caterpillar Fungus

Latin: Cordyceps sinensis - also known as: Caterpillar Mushroom, Cs-4, Tochukaso, Yartsa Gunbu, Chong Cao, Aweto, and the misnomer: Vegetable Caterpillar

It is regarded as being excellent tonic for depletion, weakness and impotence. In one trial, 1 gram per day was given for 46 days to 155 men suffering from impotence and at the end of the study, 30% had returned to normal sexual life and 64% in total had  showed improvement. It is also used for excessive tiredness, persistent cough, debility, anaemia, asthma and cancer. As it is also good for strengthening the lungs and many world record beating (and controversial) Chinese athletes have taken it regularly. It is particularly recommended for the elderly.

It is now grown on organic whole-grain substrates which make it an affordable medicine no longer restricted to emperors. *

*source: Mycology News Vol 1, Edition 1 ( a newsletter produced by Mycology Research Laboratories)

Aquanax Capsules
60 capsules / bottle
The aQuanaX capsules naturally aid the body’s healthy fluid balance, without increasing potassium excretion. Folk medicine uses it as a complementary therapy against lung and bladder tumors, as well as against inflammation of the bladder. Poria mushroom is a fungus whose filaments (threads in which food material is stored) are used as a form of medication.
US $18.63   US $18.120.07kg
The Imonax Balance, a member of our preventional product family, is a special mixture of medicinal mushrooms, containing a natural form of vitamin C and polysaccharides. It is primarily recommended for those undergoing increased physical activity ( i.e. athletes, those with strenuous physical jobs) to help maintain the body’s optimal functioning and performance.
US $15.010.06kg
VargaStem Capsules
VargaStem (earlier version: Vargastem-Z) is a special and manifold mixture of flavones and medicinal mushroom extracts. Each capsule contains 510 mg active agent extracts - 90 pcs/bottle.
US $29.86   US $28.820.08kg
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