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Aquanax Capsules

60 capsules / bottle
 The aQuanaX capsules naturally aid the body’s healthy fluid balance, without increasing potassium excretion. Folk medicine uses it as a complementary therapy against lung and bladder tumors, as well as against inflammation of the bladder. Poria mushroom is a fungus whose filaments (threads in which food material is stored) are used as a form of medication.
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The main ingredients within AquanaX capsules is the Polyporus umbellatus (commonly known as the umbrella polypore, or Chuling) fruits from the ground, near the bases and roots of hardwoods across northern North America. It grows in clusters ranging from 30-50 cm across or more. This mushroom is fairly rare, and is encountered far less frequently than the somewhat similar Grifola frondosa. The fruiting body consists of many small, smoky brown, roundish caps; the undersurfaces are white, and the individual branches are fused together into one solid structure.*

AquanaX capsules may be applied as a natural diuretic, since it helps to naturally aid the body’s healthy fluid balance without increasing potassium excretion. It may facilitate the body’s urine excretion by up to 30% in the case of edemas. Furthermore, this dietary supplement contains polysaccharides! Folk medicine uses it as a complementary therapy against lung and bladder tumors, as well as against inflammation of the bladder.


*Source: Kuo, M. (2004, November). Polyporus umbellatus. Retrieved from the MushroomExpert.Com

Not recomended to consume if you are pregnant or breast-feeding!

Health supplements do not substitute a healthy, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle and/or professional medical treatment. Do not consume more than the recommended daily intake!

Since aQuanaX contains mushrooms with acknowledged natural diuretic properties, it is also recommended for body-builders, as well as for those with edema or other body-fluid imbalance conditions.


  • Polyporus umbellatus extract (350 mg)
  • Cordyceps sinensis extract (100 mg)
  • Grifola frondosa extract (50 mg)
  • Capsule composition: gelatin
  • 2x1 or 3x1 capsule daily
  • Begin with a lower dosage 1 capsule daily, then after 4-5 days, increase intake to 2x1 capsule, after another 4-5 days dosage may be increased to 3x1 capsule per day. If necessary, consumption may be increased to a maximum of 3x2 capsules per day.
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