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WE Company Logo - the parent company of medicinal-mushroom-products.com (MMP.com), has been serving customers since 2006. Based in Hungary and building on the strong pharmaceutical and alternative medicine traditions of the Central European region, we at MMP.com aim not only to sell the products we carry on our website, but also wish to educate about these products or the natural ingredients these products contain. To achieve this, we frequently translate and publish up to date scientific data about new discoveries and research developments as they become available. We also would like to demonstrate our commitment to excellence by carrying products with only high quality ingredients in sufficient dosage to have the sought after beneficial effects on those taking them regularly.

Medicinal Mushroom Products LOGOMMP.com’s main focus is on bringing about products containing 100% natural ingredients as an alternative of the by now traditional synthetic supplements that contain synthetically isolated vitamins and minerals. However, in nature neither minerals, nor vitamins come in isolated forms. In nature, the nutrients are in a well balanced combination and many of them are impossible to synthesize with today’s technology with some, if not the most, of these nutrients are not even discovered yet.


Wellness Extra Ltd.
Dozsa Gyorgy utca 45.
6326 Harta, Hungary
Tel: +36-70-258-5939

Customer Service hours: Monday-Friday 10:30AM to 6:30PM CET







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