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100% Natural Medicinal Mushroom and Herbal Products

The knowledge of the beneficial effects of medicinal mushrooms on the well being of people is growing every day. We aim to publish first hand information on the research and development of medicinal mushroom products to inform those seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In nature, neither minerals nor vitamins come in synthesized (isolated) form, which is why the products listed on this site contain ONLY 100% NATURAL ingredients, no corners cut. These products adhere to stringent EU principles, and are produced in facilities with the highest pharmaceutical standards. Product development is done by researchers in several Universities in Hungary and Germany, and products are evaluated by nutritional experts and practitioners of both alternative and traditional (western) medicine.

Why extracts? It is best to use only high quality herbal extract products, because herbs in mere powdered form are usually not absorbed sufficiently, and in general, powder capsules or tablets are not potent enough for therapeutic use. In fact, herbal extracts are nothing less, than "the essence of the herbs" they are made from through an expert manufacturing process of removing only the active components from herbs to condense them into herbal extract capsules. When comparing medicinal mushroom products, please check their components and DO NOT confuse “mushroom powder” with “mushroom extract” content!

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ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS II: compared to nuclear explosion
Environmental effects compared to nuclear explosion: cancer, cardiovascular, and lung diseases... Standardized medicinal mushroom extracts and functional foods for health preservation...
SKIN CANCER: Is sunlight beneficial or harmful?
Skin cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer amongst Caucasians. The role of immune system strengthening medicinal mushroom extracts (Phellinus linteus, Grifola frondosa) in prevention...
IMMUNE SYSTEM: A weapon against cancer
In 1999, scientists researching cancer have noticed during one of their studies conducted on mice, one of the mice (BALB/c) never died of cancer despite the large amount of cancer cells injected into him...

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